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Social Security Disability | Tampa Bay, FL

If your appeal gets denied the first time, you can then appeal a second time by appearing before a judge. In this case, it would be in front of an Administrative Law Judge otherwise known as an ALJ. This is where you could potentially have the best chance for of winning and getting your benefits. These chances are greatly increased if you have a skilled disability lawyer like Garry Miracle in your corner.

Your request for a hearing will be review by an attorney adviser. AT that time you may be required to provide extra evidence proving your disability. They could also request an informal conference prior to the hearing which can be done through your Disability Attorney. It is possible that a favorable decision could come to you before a hearing is ever needed. If that is the case, the hearing will be dismissed. Although the adviser could make a decision prior to the hearing which would then be reviewed by the Appeals Council.

There is more to the process once the case goes to an actual hearing in which we will help you to game-plan and strategize how you would like your case to be presented. We can help you all along the way. Call us today so that we can get the process started.