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Appeal A Denial | Tampa Bay, FL

There are several ways in which you can appeal to the Social Security Administration. However you choose to appeal, make sure that you can provide proof that it was turned in on time because you never know when paperwork will get lost. If that happens and you do not have proof, you will have to start over with your claim.

Appeal In Person

In your denial letter, it should have the address to the Social Security office. You can file your claim there. There are a few things that you should take with you:

  • The Denial Letter
  • List of Current Medications
  • Medical Care Provider Contact Information (Names & Addresses)

You can submit everything in that office without having to mail anything. A claims representative should be there on site to assist you. They should give you a copy of everything that they file and give you a receipt as well.

Appeal By Phone & Mail

You are also allowed to appeal via phone and mail. All you need to do is call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 and explain to them that you would like to appeal your claims denial. They will send you several items:

  • Appeal Form
  • Disability Report
  • Authorization to Disclose Information

Your appeal will be processed as soon as you mail the appeal form back to them and they will send you back a receipt via certified mail. If you have any questions or concerns about the appeals process, please don't hesitate to give us here at Miracle Law Firm PA in Tampa, FL, a call at 813-655-3136.

Appeal Online

Appeal online on SSA’s website at you should have your denial letter close by for reference. Appealing online won't take up much of your time and it will allow you to print off a confirmation to keep for a physical record of appealing in a timely manner. It will also allow you to fill out the Disability Report - Appeal, this will take a bit longer than than filling out the actual appeal form. As previously mentioned, you will need the contact information for your current medical care provider's contact information since you last claimed or appealed. In addition to that, have a list of any current medications that you are taking.