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Get Help Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits with a Brandon Social Security Disability Attorney

Brandon Social Security Disability AttorneyCollecting disability benefits can be a complex and confusing process. A Brandon Social Security disability attorney can help you navigate the difficult process to get the benefits you are entitled to. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is notorious for denying valid claims. As a result, you will want an advocate to represent your rights.

SSA Sequential Evaluation Process

The SSA will evaluate your right to collect benefits by engaging in a five-step sequential evaluation process. The steps typically consist of:

  1. Work Ability. The SSA will examine if you are currently performing “substantial gainful activity.” If so, you will be determined not disabled and ineligible for benefits. The SSA will look at how much you get paid and your job duties to determine if you are engaged in substantial gainful activity.
  2. Health. The SSA will examine the severity of your impairment to determine if it qualifies. Factors that will be considered include how the condition limits your ability to perform basic work activities. The SSA may look at any impairment to your ability to interact with colleagues, perform basic work functions, walk, stand, and deal with other routine work activities.
  3. Listed Impairment. In some cases, if your impairment equals a condition listed in the Social Security regulations, you will automatically be considered disabled and entitled to benefits. A Brandon Social Security disability lawyer can help you determine if you meet a listed impairment.
  4. Recent Job History. Even if you cannot perform your current job, the SSA will look at your ability to perform past relevant work to see if you are disabled. This can be a very high hurdle to overcome as the SSA may consider the last 15 years as “recent” work history.
  5. Other Jobs. The SSA will also consider if you can make adjustments and perform any other jobs that exist in the national economy. In other words, even if the impairment prevents you from performing your current job and past jobs, the SSA will want to know if you can perform other jobs.

As you can see, the process to collect Social Security disability benefits can be very challenging. An experienced attorney can help you collect benefits.

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If you have any questions about the sequential evaluation process or your right to collect benefits, contact Brandon Social Security disability lawyer Garry Miracle at (813) 655-3136.

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